Facebook allows you to search for your friends image, but females only


Searching for a friend’s name on Facebook could be really tasking at times, especially when a lot of people shares the same name, however, searching for a friend using his or her image could save a lot of stress

While it is good news to hear that a feature that allows users to search for their friends using their image is now present on the foremost social media; it is, however, disheartening to also know that the feature can only be useful when your friend in question is a female. What then happens if you want to search for a male friend using his image? I guess nothing pops up. That is exactly what is going on on the Facebook social media platform, and it is creating a lot of negative awareness, especially when the majority feels that it is a mono-gender-based feature, which doesn’t sound really cool.

Of course, a few out of many would also believe that Facebook has only decided to roll out just a part of the feature to rather test how effective it would work, given that people often search for females rather than males in most case, however, it could also be as a result of a glitch, according to a Belgian security researcher who first noticed the unusual quirk in Facebook’s search function. ” Facebook lets you search for photos of your female friends, but refuses to play dice if you want to look up pictures of your male friends.” the Belgian noted as seen in a tweet he wrote in his language.

some sources have also attempted a similar search and it proved to be positive, giving that any image search only refers to a female contact on your friend list or groups that you belong to. Could this actually be a glitch or some random assumption? What do you think?


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