Facebook Could Have Another Multi-Billion Fine Knocking At Its Door


Facebook has lost yet another Federal appeal, and it could cost the company millions, or billions of dollars perhaps they are asked to pay in fine

Facebook recently has been in the court over a lawsuit that has to do with violation of facial recognition data rule, and while it has been dragging for some time now, the company was finally not-ruled out for the allegation in a vote of a 3-0 Appeal court decision.

Back in 2015, Facebook was reportedly sued under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, and for that single reason, the company was hence required to make its intention known to the public, especially if it had to do with collecting and storing biometric data, which includes facial scan, among others. The rule also prompted Facebook to present a layout of how the data will be stored and used.

While this has been a thing in the last four years, a plaintiff recently sued the tech company for violating the rule of law. At that, a lower court has initially certified the lawsuit, finding Facebook guilty of the charged case. While Facebook was on the defensive side, it has argued severally, pointing to the fact that the plaintiffs had failed to provide concrete evidence that backs the charges, and not just that, it further argued that the lower court had overstepped it boundaries by certifying the case in a class action. Well, that’s not a thing of concern for the lower court, especially when the court of appeal had consecutively voted 3-0 in court decision which is not in favor of the company.

“We conclude that the development of a face template using facial-recognition technology without consent (as alleged here) invades an individual’s private affairs and concrete interests,”

the court wrote in its decision, sending it back to the lower court for further proceedings.

While this is just another approval from the appeal court, it might also mean that Facebook will be forced to pay yet another fine in the coming feature, it is only left for the company to hope that they wouldn’t be charged a multi-billion fine this time around which I doubt the impossibility.

As a matter of fact, the Illinois law attracts for payments of $1,000 or $5,000 per violation, depending on the severity of the violation, and to think the number of the affected users is in millions, then you can imagine how much it would cost the company- In my own guess, I do say not less than a billion dollars.

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