Facebook Extends its ‘Community Help’ Feature in Response to Coronavirus pandemic

As millions of people from all over the world are forced to stay at home, Facebook witnesses an unusual surge on its platform like never before

Following this development, Facebook is encouraging its massive audience to provide help to their neighbors during this trying time. The tech giant is expanding its “community help” feature to reach people that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. With the update, Facebook users can post offers to assist others with things like transportation, grocery, baby supplies, and volunteer work.

Facebook Adds "Community Help" to Offer or Get Help during a Disaster

In a similar development, users seeking assistance can also put up posts stating their needs or filter existing offers to find one that matches their needs. In addition to this, links to fundraisers as well as Facebook’s coronavirus information center are embedded in the page.

A Facebook spokesperson who cited practical examples such as volunteering to distribute food via local food banks, said, “For this experience, we really looked to build an existing tool within crisis response to make it as easy as possible for people to take action and get help with urgent needs.”

The community help feature has been available on the platform as part of the company’s crisis response tools to natural disasters and other emergencies. The new coronavirus version of the feature is currently being activated throughout the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and France and will be available to more countries in the coming weeks.

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