Facebook is Rolling Out Dark Mode to Its Lite App


Tech companies are becoming more health-conscious and socially responsible like never before

The latest company following that trend is Facebook. The social networking app has added a Dark Mode feature to their app to save you a little eye strain.

Despite the fact that Android 10 and some apps from Google have had a black theme for a while, but it has taken Facebook till now to take similarly brave strides in bringing the feature to its billions of app users.

Even though Facebook’s main app teased the dark mode back in November of 2019, as of now, it is only Facebook Lite users that have access to the mode. Facebook Lite users already see the dark mode toggle as part of what appears to be a wide rollout.

Facebook Lite is a stripped-down version of the normal Facebook app. This version has most of the core functionality of the main app, but there are fewer animations and features. Usually, Facebook Lite gets new features well after the normal Facebook app has been updated. So, this makes this dark mode arrival a nice surprise.

If you have the Facebook Lite app, click on the hamburger menu in the top bar and scroll until you see the Dark Mode toggle right below the Settings option. flip it on, and the app will switch to a gray UI that uniformly covers all app sections. Note though that this is still a server-side rollout that not everyone will see immediately.

It would seem like Facebook put out the dark mode sometime in January, but the feature is only now reaching a wider userbase. For some, the toggle appeared in stable version 181, though v186 is already out on the Play Store and APK Mirror.

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