Facebook New Logo Dumps Lower Case For Upper Case

Facebook has just unveiled its new logo in an attempt to distinguish the company and the main facebook app

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Now, there is a different logo for the Facebook company and that of its social network application. While there has been a lot of misrepresentation between the company and one of its product- facebook app– the social media-focused company has finally come to a conclusion of creating a new brand identity for the overall company while maintaining that of its foremost app.

In its unveiling, the company showcased a new logo with Facebook spelled out in the upper case letter- ”FACEBOOK”– this way, the logo reflects a mixed color representing the various facebook products– blue for Facebook proper, green for WhatsApp, pinkish for Instagram, and so on.

According to the social media giant, each of its products including facebook, messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp will now bear the new logo starting from the coming week. Not just that, other marketing materials powered by Facebook will also carry the new look, and on that note, the company would update the Facebook for Business website over the coming weeks.

The image above is a representation of the new logo on Instagram, and it will debut on other products in the same manner. Facebook reportedly choose to use the new style for the purpose of clarity, aside from creating a “visual distinction between the company and app,”.

Facebook says the goal of including “from Facebook” is to let people know that its apps have “shared infrastructure” and rely on many of the same teams. “People should know which companies make the products they use,” writes Antonio Lucio, Facebook’s chief marketing officer.

Also, it is no longer news that Facebook has had to deal with a lot of controversies lately, and an attempt to avoid creating a dent on the respective products, especially the facebook main app is only a reasonable move by the company.





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