Facebook Says New Apps are Underway


Facebook is reportedly working on an ‘entirely new’ apps alongside new ‘experience’ to go by

When you probably have thought that’s all Facebook got to offer, the company on the other end thinks otherwise. In fact, for Facebook, things are just rather getting started. Today, the company announced a New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team that will be in charge of new apps development.

According to Facebook, the goal is to offer people an entirely new experience, especially when it has to do with building a community of friends. At that, the company plans to do so outside the wall of the Facebook existing platform. In a Facebook statement, it is an opportunity to create small, but focused apps to arouse users interest, while some of the new features will be rolled to the main app as well.

While the NPE Team is a dedicated one, they will aim to become more nimble than the actual Facebook, this way, Facebook says it will work quickly, and assuming any of the apps flounders, it won’t hesitate to shut them down.

In a blog post, Facebook wrote that “We expect many failures,” while he further added that “We also want to minimize disruption to the billions of people who use Facebook apps every day.” The NPE Team will operate as an LLC, and all apps will be released under the name “NPE Team, from Facebook.”, according to Facebook, they will be available in the App Store, Google Play Store, and on the web.

The new approach by Facebook is, however, considered as a reasonable one, as it has failed to develop popular apps outside of its main app and Messenger. Instead, it’s relied on acquisitions, like the purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp, and mimicry, like copying Snapchat’s Stories feature. To think that the company now have a dedicated team to experiment on new apps is quite amazing, and only Time will tell if the NPE Team has better luck.

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