Facebook Slammed With $2.3 Million Fine For Breaching German Hate Speech Law

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Mark Zuckerberg, should mostly be given the award of the most fined and questioned CEO in recent times.

His Facebook brand moved from being the loved social media platform to the most talked about for negative reasons, since the Cambridge Analytica Saga last year.

Public trust has been tested and the brand has also had to face one fine or another since the media breakout of the Saga.

Recently, the brand has incurred another fine slam, which totals at 829,725,000 for breaching Germany’s Hate-speech laws.

This announcement was made by German authorities on Tuesday that it would be fining the Company for the breach, alleging that the social network under-reported complaints about illegal content under-reported complaints about illegal content on its platforms.

The Company’s Office of Justice stated that the company concealed a huge fraction of the transparency report it shared in 2018.

In a statement released by the agency, Facebook created a distorted public image.

“This creates a distorted picture in the public about the extent of illegal content and the way the social network deals with them,”

Under Germany’s law, which is called the Network Enforcement Act, social media companies such as Facebook are expected to publish a report every six months about how it handles complaints about illegal content on spread out platforms.

As it stands, Facebook is open to appeal the fine, although the brand has remained relatively quiet on the subject despite it making it into the news space.

While conversion of the fine in Nigeria might seem like a whole for a company to pay, Facebook certainly ranks in a whole lot more from Social Media Marketing and promotions.

Based on findings, Facebook grossed in a total of $15.08 billion in sales from January to March 2019, and certainly, by this time of the year, the brand has made more than this in terms of revenue generation has content distribution has effortlessly continued to move on the space despite the scandals and hearing the brand has had to face in recent times.

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