Facebook to Organize News Feeds With New Tabs


Facebook’s change in News Feed from chronological order to the algorithmic ranking has caused a lot of uproar amongst users

Already, Facebook users get to sort their feeds by “Most Recent” and this new option doesn’t affect it in any way. However, this alternative is dormant in the sidebar of the app and it reverts to the normal state after 24hours.

Jane Machun Wong has spotted that Facebook wants to make it easy for users to organize their content by adding tabs to the News Feed.

Wong also found a Facebook Android app code that suggests the network might be separate the feed into three tabs which are Relevant, Recent and Seen feeds.

Facebook, on the other hand, has confirmed to Techcrunch that this feature is being tested internally and after a while, they would consider an external test.

Unknown to many users, filtering feeds been already seen articles is not a new addition to the network. However, it was only accessible by checking out the URL facbook.com/seen

This new addition seems like a good idea as it tends to give users a bit more power to determine how their feed is organized and also making it easier to for them to trace contents. Just that, this would be better if these tools are easier to access by the users.

Facebook seems to be keen on upgrading user experience which is good but if they are careful, it might get the network puffed up.

Regardless, users would adjust if they find the new features worth it.

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