Facebook to pay its app users who exposes possible third-party data theft


Facebook is working really hard to ensure the safety of their user’s data by all possible means

On Monday, Facebook announced an update to its bug bounty program designed to help prevent user information from leaking through security flaws in third-party apps. The program will now pay for reports of third-party services that might expose the bits of information that Facebook uses to identify you as you.

Facebook is strengthening its privacy policy with all possible means and it include involving its user in the fight against data theft. The Zuckerberg owned social media platform now offers any its users a token is they report any form of data theft. If you notice a third-party app or person that may be involved in such criminal activity, its a profitable move for you to report such to the facebook team as they offer a token for reward.

This is one of the many steps taken by messenger app  to make users feel safe using Facebook to connect to services that include everything from AirBNB and Yelp to FarmVille and Candy Crush.  users can control the kinds of data third-party services can access with their settings. That means an exposed user token could reveal a lot about you, depending on what you’ve let a particular app or website access, Gurfinkel said.

The program is an update to Facebook’s overall bug bounty program, and will pay at least $500 per app or website found to be exposing user tokens. The company created a separate bug bounty in April that offers rewards for finding third-party services that are abusing Facebook user data although Facebook has refused to state the particular number of third-party app that are guilty of such misconduct.

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