Facebook Wants To Offer Encrypted Audio And Video Calls

Facebook is bringing autoplay video ads to Messenger

Facebook is reportedly working on what appears to be a ‘secret conversation’ feature, and it will cut across both audio and video call

The disclosure of the new feature was made by Jane Machun Wang, a popular software expert who is popular for tearing apart software to discover unannounced features. According to Jane, Facebook is trying to expand the capabilities of encrypted conversation beyond just text, to also cut across audio and video calls.

In the tweet by Jane, a screenshot suggesting a secrete conversation that can enable audio and video calls was sighted, further suggesting that the calls will be “end-to-end encrypted across all your active mobile devices.”

The encryption feature was first rolled out back in 2016, where it was only applicable for texts only, however, fast-forward to now, the company is also considering an extension to other services on the platform. As you must have been familiar with by now, the encryption feature allows for your conversation to be wrapped in a layer of privacy, and it only makes more sense that such luxury could be enjoyed across all of Facebook services.

While this is another attempt of the company into its encryption policy, it recently announced an end-to-end encryption across its products, including Instagram — a move that’s frowned upon by authorities, who say they’re worried about not being able to investigate child sexual exploitation, terrorism and election meddling that occur on Facebook’s platform. The secret conversation will only be another opt-in feature and hopefully will not receive as much criticism as other products.

To make use of the new feature, You’d have to fire up the Messenger app on your mobile, tap on your profile picture, go to Secret Conversations and then switch it on. After you do so, nobody other than you and the recipient would be able to read your chat.

Meanwhile, Wong also revealed that the company is working on bringing its Voice Assistant to the main app.



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