Facebook Will Offer To Pay You In Order To Track Your Mobile Activity


Facebook has not giving up on spying on people, and this time around it plans to pay people for doing so

Instead of secretely monitoring users activities, Facebook is rolling out a new app it called ‘Study’, and while it is developed to moitor users activities, people tend to get paid for allowing Facebook to monitor how they use the app.

According to a reliable source, the app will monitor which apps are installed on a person’s phone, the time spent using those apps, the country you’re in, and additional app data that could reveal specific features you’re using, among other things. While that seems like too much to demand already, Facebook says it won’t see any specific content, including messages, passwords, and websites you visit.

This is not the first time that Facebook will be tracking users with specific app. Before the lunch of Study, the company was known with an app called ‘Facebook Research’, although was shut down due to a pair of controversies: a source reported that, the app was marketed to teens, and on the iPhone, it relied on a special certificate that allowed the app to circumvent the App Store and gain deeper access to the phone, in violation of Apple’s rules. It was shut down in January.

The launch of Study shows that Facebook clearly feels that it still needs this data on how people are using their phones, and also that Facebook has learned a thing or two from the last controversy. Study will only be available to people 18 and up; it’ll only be available on Android, where deeper phone access can be granted by each user; and it’ll open with a series of screens describing what type of data the app collects and how it’ll be used.

Also, Facebook has not stated any amount it would be paying users who agree to its Terms and Comdition, however, it is not expected to be  an outragious amount considering its multi-billion registered users.




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This is a welcome development, let’s see how it pans out when lunched