Facebook Will Soon Priotize Comments On Public Post

Facebook is currently working on how to rank comments based on priority in order to ensure meaningful conversation

It is no longer news that harsh comments is one of the major weapon of cyberbully, and while Facebook has always been uptight against its course, it is about to dish out a new policy that will at least limit irrelevant comments on the platform.

Facebook, in an attempt to ensure that conversations under public post remains meaningful, Today, the company plans to start ranking comments based on priority, and while this will promote relevant conversation, it will also help in the company’s fight against cyberbully.

The new development will, however, only apply to comments on public post alone, let’s say post from pages alongside that of people with quite a vast number of followers.

Furthermore, Facebook will base the ranking on how people interact with the comments, assuming they like, react or reply with normal text. At that, Users will  be able to  post moderate comments on their own post by hidding, deleting, or responding as the chose.

Among the new policy is what the company calls ‘integrity sigmal’ which is in place to check(remove) any comment that violate the standard attached to it.

While Facebook is not the first to integrate policies that promote healthy conversation, Twittet as well has also led the way with a handful of new features to execute the same course. For instance, in its own case it introduced a new system to rank videos aswell as priotize original content to reduce fake news among other reasons. For Facebook, it is another another attempt to improve the quality of content on its platform.


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