Facebook’s Latest Anti-Predator Measures Will Help Protect Kids on The Platform

Following its attempt to encrypt messages across its platforms, Facebook have since had to deal with authorities around the world who felt such action may be endangering to Children on the platform, and as a result, the social network have had to come up with new approaches to ensure the safety of kids against online predators

In its latest attempt in that direction, Facebook Global head of safety, Antigone Davis in the latest development have revealed that the social network is currently developing ways to which Children can be protected against predators on the platform. He also stated that the program has been ongoing for a couple of years now even before the inception of its encryption plans.

Speaking to a new outlet, Financial Times, Davis told that the company’s goal is to shift its focus to preventative measures which also includes ways to stop predators from contacting their intended victims in the first place — from content flagging and removal.

In her words She said that:

“When you find content, the problem with that is the harm has already been done. Ultimately you want to prevent that content from being shared in the first place, or from being created. So the way we are thinking about it is, how can we stop these connections?”

In accordance to its new plan, Facebook will now keep an open tab on accounts that often request for chats with minors, Ed those that they are not related with or perhaps those part of suspicious groups.

Additionally, the social network could also implement alerts for people with large age gaps talking privately on Messenger and Instagram DM or for accounts trying to contact minors when they’ve been blocked by a lot of other people.

Since grooming could start in the public section of Facebook or Instagram, the company could start scanning photos for comments to find accounts with patterns of bad behavior.

Furthermore the company is reportedly testing how to make reporting more accessible. “in the sensitive moments when [users] most need it such as when someone blocks [them] or deletes a thread.” David further added.

For now, it’s is still unclear whether those measures put in place by Facebook will be effective enough, however, Facebook said it’s working closely with child safety experts before launching end-to-end encryption.

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