Facebook’s Tunes is Strictly for Couples

Facebook has just launched Tunes – an app designed only for couples to communicate with each other

There are cases of lovers who do not stay close to each other and only keep up with communication. Sadly, one is quick do get distracted using the social media platforms available. This is because most times, the person is chatting with more than one person at the same time.

Facebook has seen this gap and feels like there is a need for couples to concentrate more on each other, especially during this pandemic lockdown.

Facebook’s new app- Tunes allows lovers to share their mood, exchange music, play cards and even share voice notes with each other.

All the user needs, is to add his/her partner through their phone number on Tunes.

One good thing about this new app is that the users do not need a Facebook account to access it. However, the users are subject to the data policies of Facebook.

On a general note, this app doesn’t seem much different from the existing social media platforms. For example, voice notes and pictures can be exchanged on these platforms. The extra icing to Tunes is the fact that lovers can have a conversation void of distraction. As little as this might seem, it is a big deal for many.

As at now, Tunes is currently available only in the US and Canada, only on Apple App Store; hopefully, it would extend to other parts of the world as well as hit the Android Play Store soon enough.

Till then, iPhone users could expect an app that would keep their romance burning.


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