Factories in China are Taking Strict Measures To Prevent Another Outbreak

Factories in China such as Foxconn are taking strict measures to prevent another outbreak of the COVID-19 in the country

Foxconn, who is Apple iPhone Supplier has arranged workers into a team of 20 who will work day in, day out for health tracking purposes.

“The same group of employees work, travel, live, and eat together to ensure that employees’ personal trajectories are fully traced,” a notice from the Zhengzhou government reads.

An employee from Foxconn in an interview with the Washington Post said workers are provided with face masks and have their temperatures checked daily. There are infrared cameras for checking people who have fevers while walking by. Foxconn said that it is also using nucleic acid tests and chest x-rays when required, and it has produced 10 million surgical masks for employees.

In the cafeteria where the employees sit to eat has QR codes that allow them to scan who sat where and when while eating their meals. In the dormitories where they sleep, the workers put their bags in a spot where they can be disinfected.

It would be recalled that a lot of factories including Foxconn and other Apple factories were on lockdown in February due to the ongoing pandemic, which originated from China. According to the news report, the virus has now reduced compared to when it first broke out.

China is mandating that employers check temperatures and provide face masks to employees, as well as submitting daily reports on workers’ health statuses. Many companies have started adopting this method and sometimes, they do not allow their employees to go home.

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