Fake app alert: here is how to identify fake apps on Google PlayStore

identify fake apps on google play store

In 2017, a million users downloaded a fake version of WhatsApp from Google App Play Store.

You are probably wondering the connection and the possibility of having fake Apps on the Android’s greatest App store. Well, this is not a recent development. People clone Apps, and upload them in the store, the intention for doing this is to spy or to attack-unsuspecting users’ device with malwares.

Now, probably you might be wondering what Google has done to break the circuit. Google has been doing its best to reduce or if possible eliminate the trend of fake Apps in its Play Store, which is a safe haven of Apps for all Android users. With its Play Protect, Apps that are potential threat to Android phones are been deleted from the store.

It is also essential that you learn a few tricks that will help you to identify a fake if by accident Play Protect did not pick such out during the Store scan for fake Apps, because it is a software and anything can go wrong.  So, here is how to do it yourself before you download any App from the store.

Download Count

If you intend to download an App from the Google Play Store and there are multiple search result you could simply try the download count trick. It works fine. All you need to do, is to check the number of downloads of all the results. The one with the highest number of download is the original App in the search lot so you can proceed to download it.

App Name and Developer’s name

Now, the name of the App also matters a lot. In the case of the fake WhatsApp of 2017, there was a slight change in the name of the App. It was tagged whatsApp update, as against the regular WhatsApp with its update feature in the App.

In a case were the names are similar, you should also run a quick check on the names of the developers. This will help you determine, which of the App is authentic.


Like a good book or movie, the developer of an App takes time to describe his or her App before uploading them in the Apps Store. These Apps will either be credited or discredited by users who have used them. So, before you proceed to download any App on the Google Play Store, you could just take some time to read what previous users have said about the App. This will save you the stress of downloading a fake app.

Play Protect has been active in fishing out fake apps, but as stated earlier it is a software, and softwares can have certain downsides once in a while, so doing it yourself may also be a good form of double check.

Let us know if there are other mediums you use to identify fake Apps on the Google Play Store aside those mentioned above, you can leave a comment below.


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Aladenika toluwalope joseph
Aladenika toluwalope joseph
1 year ago

Nice info. Noted. Thanks