Fertility gadgets every woman should know about

fetility gadgets

Everyone loves a baby, you cannot help but love those little innocent beings who helplessly make us fall in love with them. As mother’s day draw near, we can’t help but feel the impact of motherhood in our lives and even if you don’t have a child, mother’s day reminders  can vividly aid your imagination.

Thinking of procreating anytime soon? Here are fertility gadgets you should know about.

The Ava Wearable

fetility gadgets

This is not a fancy watch. It is actually a thermometer which is a very good fertility wearable. Women’s temperature is known to rise during ovulation period. Thus, this watch measure your temperature and let’s you know when you’re most fertile.

The Lady Comp Natural

This is a fertility monitor. It acts as your ovulation calendar and menstrual calculator. It is A.C powered.

 Fertility Monitor

This is a handheld monitor with sensors (oral sensor,etc.), it provides tracks and stores fertility and pregnancy information.

The DuoFertility

This is also a sensor, it’s upperhand is its ability to detect very small temperature changes that is related to ovulation. It is worn on the skin.


The Clearblue Fertility Monitor


Almost similar to the fertility monitor above,this monitor measures the hormone level of the user.  Both the estrogen and luteinizing hormones.


These monitors are of different prices and mechanisms of action. You could pick the one that best suits you and your pocket.

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