Firefox To Block Finger-prints By Default Starting from 2020

Firefox is testing a password manager for iPhones

Mozilla Firefox will soon start block finger-prints by default in the new Firefox 72 as from next year

According to the company, the ban will commence in January 2020 and by then, Firefox would have automatically block finger-printers on any sites you visit. This is part of its new Enhanced Protection feature.

Fingerprinting is an art of using this information to correlate with data sets and identify high probability—network services, operating system number and versions, software applications, databases, configurations and more.

What these companies do, is to build the profile of your device based on its features such as screen resolution, which browser you use, timezone, language, the extensions, and fonts you’ve installed and your operating system.

You can as well block finger-printer by enabling the feature through the Custom setting in Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection. To do so, open the options menu in your browser and go to the Privacy & Security tab and select the Custom option. This will give you the ability to block Finger-printers without having to wait for Firefox 72’s release.

There is, however, a disadvantage to that. It could cause the sites to not display properly. It also has its good sides, which is the company not been able to track you.

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