Firefox’s New Logo Dumps The Fox For More Fire


Mozilla finally takes the veil of its new logo and it is a ball of fire instead

The web browser company has earlier informed that it will be overhauling its logo which it is now rolling out to the public. The new logo unlike what it use to be has finally dumped the burning fox for strictly fire. The reaso for this is not exactly stated, however, it remains a question that a majority of users would like to have an answer to.

That been said, the company informed that the new logo will be used for something else which will be different from the web browser assuming you want to ask “where and why do they dump the old fox”.

The brand-new overarching logo is supposely meant for Mozilla’s whole family of Firefox products, with each component (including the browser) having its own logo, too. Here:

As seen in the above image, the Firefox browser also experienced a few changes but the fox was still present.

While the new logo had to evolve just like earth itself, it was nicly done so that it doesn’t miss out any important charactization.

Mozilla designers told the world the logo would need to evolve to encompass a larger family of products, saying that “as an icon, that fast fox with a flaming tail doesn’t offer enough design tools to represent this entire product family” — and revealing that they could either go more foxy or less and as seen in the image it doesn’t appear like they miss out in any of there description.





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