Five gadgets every nursing mother should have

gadgets, nursing mother
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Parenting is one of the most beautiful feat to achieve, carrying your baby, snapping pictures and sharing all the love but despite its beauty, it is a demanding process.

Nursing mothers need all the help they can get from both human beings and technology devices to keep their mind going. It does not matter if this helps seem a little too weird.

You should try getting any of these parenting tech devices to make live easy for you as you raise your baby.


You probably left your baby in the care of a nanny at home, and you do not feel too comfortable with her, then it is best you install a camera in your house. It could be a basic CCTV or a baby video camera, which has internet connectivity.

While the former may take time, the latter maybe faster and safer because the internet connectivity links to your phone directly  giving you instant updates on your babies.

Mothers and fathers, I suggest that you get a baby video camera to keep a check on the safety of your babies.

gadget, nursing mother


These cameras are affordable with less than $40(14,480) a nursing mother can order a LeFun Wi-Fi compatible surveillance camera on Amazon. This will prevent you from having to deal with complex issues with your babies too.

Breast Pump

Every nursing mother who is a professional must have a breast pump if you intend to feed your baby with breast milk for a long time after you have resumed work.

gadgets, nursing mother

The benefits of exclusive breastfeeding has been laid out to you already during your antenatal so it just important to consider your baby’s well-being as you make money.

Baby Shusher

Have you ever wondered why you baby is extremely calm in your womb except from occasional kicks? Do you really hate to hear your newly born baby cry at night?

gadgets, nursing mother

This gadget becomes a win-win for both the mother and the child. A baby Shusher replicates the natural rhythmic sounds of the womb, which triggers your baby to become calm automatically.

Interestingly, a baby Shusher is sold at less than $50(18,100). Why stay awake? Let your Baby Shusher do the magic.

Pocket Nanny

Life just got easier for you when it comes to keeping baby records. Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer helps you keep track of the last time you changed your baby’s diaper, fed him or her, or even showered the baby.

gadgets, nursing mothers

Your pocket nanny becomes the perfect baby stock keeper. This techy baby stock-keeper cost just $19.02 (6,942.3) on Amazon.


If you are sure, you want to stay sane on nights when all methods to make your baby sleep has failed then you really need to have a smartphone.

gadget, nursing mother

Surfing through a lifestyle blog or catching up on online gist will help you relieve the stress of missing the sleep train because of your baby.

Be careful not to be insensitive to the demands of your baby when you are with your phone. It is only meant for you to while away time while you cannot sleep after your awoken baby has gone back to sleep.

Babies are one of the most beautiful gifts ever, but despite their beauty they are naturally naughty, but technology has promised you a saner child raising process.Let us know if you found this use in the comment box. You could also drop a list of baby gadgets you use to keep your baby calmer. Please note that all prices listed above are as stated on Amazon.

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