Five gadgets you probably never knew Apple ever manufactured



The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when you think of Apple is: an iPhone, a MacBook or an iPod (for those are really in love with music). But did you know that Apple as a brand has manufactured gadgets that are very different from these three we all know? Well, do not get shocked when we unveil this list of five gadgets you probably never knew Apple manufactured because they are no longer with us.


Apple had a production of printers that was on for nine years. Well, these printers have been off the market since 1988, and this actually makes them very historical. Apple had to invent these printers because at the earlier stage of computing and computer production, most manufacturers of computers had to create their own printers to suit their specifics and standards.

In 1979, Apple announced its intention to manufacture a Silent type printer which was released in 1980 at a retail price of $599(#217,437).

The Laser Writer, was the last of Apple production in 1958, this printer was said to have cost a whopping $6,995 


Following the trend of computer manufacturers creating their own specifications for their computer accessories, Apple (in line with her Macintosh computer devices), created A4 scanners, in 1988. Apple however, replaced these scanners with another version called OneScanner in 1991. But the latter version never really took off. As an organization Apple, stopped the sales of her scanners in 1997.  

   Apple Newton

Apple gadgets

This gadget was not a successful development for the Apple enterprise financially, but it is said to have paved way for the modern trend of iPhones and iPads that have become great financial successes for the enterprise. Apple Newton was a series of personal digital assistants designed as a MessagePad tablets. It had features like: notes, names and dates, and also, it had a handwriting recognition software.  Due to its poor sales, Apple had to discontinue its production in 1998.


Apple QuickTake Camera

Apple gadgets

Apple has not always only been about the phones, tablets, computers, scanners and printers over a period of time. The enterprise also ventured into the manufacturing of cameras. The QuickTake camera was built by Kodak and Fiji film for Apple, and it was one of the first digital consumer cameras.

It was the first camera with a 1 Mega Byte flash storage and a picture resolution of 3 Megapixel. This camera was up for sale for three years between 1994-1997, and it had a retail price of $749 (#271,887).

Well, today an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II which has a 40-megapixel is estimated to cost $1000 (#363,000). It funny how technological advancement comes with quality service improvement at an affordable rate.   

   iPod HiFi

Apple tech gadgets

In an attempt to help music lovers get the desired pleasure they want from listening to their favourite tracks on their iPods, Apple invented a High fidelity speaker for this enhancement. These iPod speakers originally sold at $349(#126,687).

This was one of its downside as consumers argued that it was expensive compared to similar devices such as: the iBoom and Bose’s SoundDock. Sadly, this device which was announced in 2006, was discontinued in 2007.


Where you surprised by this? Air your views about other gadgets that have not been mentioned in the comment box.

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