Five jobs that will be extinct by 2028

extinct jobs 2028

Undeniably, a lot is changing – be it from technological advancements to even just a change in consumer tastes or the rise in cheap labour due to economic downturns, the fact that many industries and jobs seems doomed to the trash cans of history cannot be ignored. Although businesses come and go, a very small number tend to survive through the generations and it’s even unlikely that some of the biggest names in business today will make it to the next decade.

So, whether you’re trying to figure out a career path tailored to your abilities or just curious about the kinds of jobs that society is slowly fading out, below are five jobs that probably won’t be around in 10 years due to technological shifts within our society.

Quick grab a cup of coffee and let’s take a quick look to see if your job is on the endangered-species list.


Without a doubt, we’re already seeing Artificial Intelligence (AI) take to the streets with technology from Google and self-driving tech being sold in certain vehicles like Tesla. Though, the world will always have drivers of some sort and we’ll probably still be driving in 10 years but the writing is clear on the wall that there is a lot of capital being dedicated to handing over the wheel to automation. Self-driving cars are only a few years away and when the switch finally happens; it will not only displace a lot of drivers but also have numerous positive benefits. Traffic would ease up, auto accidents would drop and fuel efficiency will be maximized.

Printers and Publishers

It’s no longer news that print media is fading out of the industry. Technology has brought it to the digital realm and we have seen the results in declining newspaper readership and the rise of e-books. More and more individuals are going digital when it comes to entertainment and news hence making it hard for publishing companies and printers to keep up with these changes.

Travel Agents

If you are a prominent user of Wakanow, Travel Beta and other travel booking sites, then you’re slowly killing a long-established industry; the travel agencies. With the rise of the internet and the ability to book trips even at cheaper rates using sites comparable to travel agents, these old-fashioned jobs are headed for the rocks.


How many times have you found yourself jumping around your living room, hands in the air, screaming at a referee or official for costing your team the game with a bad decision or what you perceive to be a bad call?

I’m certain it happens a lot but these officials are only human thus; they are prone to making mistakes. Although this has always been regarded as a respectable job, it is becoming more and more regular for both players and spectators to query the decision of referees but rather trust technology to give more accurate results. With this type of technology only getting more advanced, it won’t be long until referees are no longer required to monitor games.

Retail Cashiers

With the rise in self-service checkouts and automated processes during purchasing, the typical retail cashier will eventually fade away in the nearest future. Technology has allowed plenty of advancements in how we shop and customers want less human interaction in order to have a delightful shopping experience.

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That’s true but the job of printing and publication might not be extinct by then.

Santali Yusuf
Santali Yusuf

Awesome news with this.
It’s a lot more accurate than it used to be, but it’s most definitely not near Google Maps level.