Five steps to save your computer battery


Computers have become a part of our everyday living so they are very hard to discard in almost all spheres of our lives. We practically do everything on them, from: office tasks, to medical consultation, to research, to video consumption, to surfing and catching up with social media, our computers fill up all these vacuums for us daily. Since computers have taken such important space in our daily lives it becomes so important that we keep them running in perfect conditions. The battery life of our computers determines the effectiveness and productivities of these networking system. These are five thing you should do to save your computer battery.

Dim the light

You really have to take that step to dim that bright light from your computer screen. Dimming the light of your computer does not only prolong your computer’s function by about thirty minutes, it also protects your eyes from damage. Most personal computers and laptops have been created with a shortcut key that leads users directly to the screen brightness resolution page where you could either brighten or dim your screen light. You can buy yourself some more time with your laptop today, by just keeping the brightness really down to about 50% of the highest brightness level.

Don’t over charge

Okay, now this may just not have come out right but it is the truth. I know electricity is a problem in this part of the world, but you cannot just go on plugging in your laptop every time there is an opportunity to do so. It is like take drugs when you are not sick.  Lithium-ion batteries are produced in such a way that you ruin them when you overcharge them. Although computer manufacturers like Sony and Lenovo have recently provided limiters in their batteries that prevents them from getting fully charged. It is still important to use ones battery capacity properly before plugging it in to get charged. This will help prolong the productivity of your computer when you need it.    

Get a spare battery

If you use your computer a lot and you know its importance, then it is only good that you get a spare battery. It almost as safe as having a spare tear somewhere in your car. You can easily swap batteries instead of overcharging your battery because of you are scared of power failure.

Disable devices that are not necessary

Your device will come with several devices, but certainly as a user you will not get to use all of them. Trust me when I say that all these devices when enabled have a way of draining your battery power. So, if you connect your system to the internet through a cable you do not need to enable your Wi-FI. To keep your battery life prolonged all you have to do as a user is to simply check for those devices that are not being used on your system and disable them.

Turn off your system 

Turning off your system every time maybe the hardest thing to do, but put your system in a place where it assumes humanly qualities, when it is overworked it will certainly crash. Most computer users believe that hibernating your system might just be the perfect way to improve the durability of your battery, but that’s not true. Turning off your system every time you want to do something else may not make sense, but when you are sure you would not be making use of your system in longer than ten minutes it is advisable to turn it off, it would only be saving your battery strength.  


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