Five tech things to do with family and friends this festive season


The year is fast spent already and we are approaching its end any moment soon, then, here is the most celebrated festive season and you should get yourself busy with these five tech things

below are the few tech things you can enjoy during this holiday, especially with your family and friends. the list is as follow;

Watch TV

This is one of the best thing to do, if not the best thing to with family and friends. With your various screen size TVs, you can enjoy the latest movies during the festive period, having by your side your favorite junks; for me, popcorn and milk are my perfect movie junks combination.

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I’m sure you will be wondering- what a weirdo I am. Anyways, you can give that a try this season.

Play Electronic Games

Who else likes playing games with a lot of people in the room? I am definitely a fan of that. The season cannot be well enjoyed without having a bunch of gamers in the house.

Get your pads and console ready for this season and enjoy the best of the trending games like Fortnite, Assasin Creed, FIFA 2018, among others. It doesn’t matter what screen type you have, but trust me, it is all fun-storm playing Fortnite on my 54 inches LG OLED TV.

Listen to Podcast (electronic voice notes)

Podcasts serve as an amazing way to pass the time on planes, trains, and automobiles during the heavy travel season; otherwise, it can be enjoyed with the family member and friends, especially when you play the lively genre like comedy.

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The key is picking and downloading what you want to listen to before you connect to a loudspeaker, assuming you are playing it from a portable device; you just must have at the back of your mind that you will be needing a lot of data if perhaps you are streaming the content. I can recommend a good mix of genres: business, comedy, true crime, etc

Play with electronic toy

By now, someone will be wondering what kind of toys I am talking about; but, come to think of it, there are a lot of toys that are meant for all age range, except if you are too old to handle one.

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Toys like drones can be fun to play with; Toy cars that use wireless remote; Walkie-Talkie (especially for hide and seek) among various other are things you can enjoy playing within the company of the family and friends.

Repair faulty gadgets

Oh really, how does repairing faulty gadget creat fun? you may want to ask. Have you ever tried fixing something and it turns out positive that it works exactly the way you want it to work; that feeling you get aftward is really exciting right? imagine when a group of people has a similar feeling, it would be great right? I guess it would be fun. Otherwise, it just a way of engaging yourselves in an activity.

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If you think otherwise from the above-listed items, do not hesitate to comment your opinion and probably suggest more tech thing to do with family and friends this festive season.

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