Five things you probably never knew about Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran


Alright, you may be wondering what we know about this young man who has melted our hearts with four albums with mathematically inspired titles, that have been sealed with smooth vocal delivery and awesome lyrical content that you do not know. Well, Edward Christopher Sheeran has become a popular face when it comes to the production of musical contents that are timeless and that can never be denied. If you listen to him as much as we do, then you may at some point wondered if he is all about the music, because he delivers contents that inspire love from a very deep part of his heart. But the Thinking Out Loud musical sensation is not only about the music, although music gives him everything he needs, Sheeran has other aspects of his life apart from making music. These are five things you should know about him:


How touched where you when you heard his voice deliver a song hinted towards homelessness? Then here is the answer, Sheeran had days he slept outside Buckingham Palace and also on trains before he became famous. He claimed to have been inspired to write the song on one of those nights. His homeless ways are all history now. In 2012, he was a part of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Concert, where he pulled a grand performance in front of a larger crowd outside the palace.


His garage is estimated roughly at about $1.2 million (which is four hundred and thirty-two million naira at the present dollar to naira conversion rate). So, when cars are mentioned, he is basically living the life. He had an Aston Martin DB9 which he lent to his manager’s wife because he was not comfortable in it.  Sheeran seem to be a real lover of Mercedes Benz as he has a G-Wagon and an R-Class to show his love for the brand. He also cruises in a Lincoln Town Car. All these exotic rides are an affirmation that he knows what he wants me when he is on the road and not in the studio making music.


Perfect will continue to play as an original love story put together into a song. But did you know that every part of that song was a part of Ed Sheeran he could not just keep anymore after the release of three albums? So, Cherry Seaborn (his High School crush) is actually the angel he kept painting for us as the woman of his dreams in this song. Ed Sheeran is making it all appear real as he has already put a ring on her finger.


You cannot do music with a particular instrument and not have your signature signed on at least a few. Martin Guitars and Sheeran signed an agreement to create guitars estimated to cost a whopping (two hundred and fifty-three thousand and thirty eight naira at the represent naira to dollar conversion rate) $699.00 with his six times multi-platinum selling album “X” symbol. Sheeran has however, extended his love for people through music to the world by donating all his earnings from the sales of these guitars to charity.


On several occasions Sheeran has gotten the world of wristwatch freaks dazed by his wristwatch choices. One of such, is when he rocked a Patek Philippe 5130R (which cost fifteen million, two hundred and eighty-five thousand, and eighty-eight naira at the present conversion rate) during his appointment as a Member of the British Empire (for his contribution to music and charity).  He has been seen on different occasions wearing: a Hublot Big Bang, Richard Mille RM 38-01 Tourbillon G-Sensor Quartz TPT. Despite, his wild love for wristwatches, Sheeran seems to be deeply in love with the Patek Philippe collection, because he has been spotted with more than one on his wrist.


What fascinated you most about these five facts on Ed Sheeran? Feel free to add on to the list in the comment section.

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