Flare Audio “Sleep” device helps you to block out unwanted sounds


The non-electronic device is designed to make sleeping a lot more non-intrusive, blocking out any form of noise disturbance

Some people still find it easy to sleep in any atmosphere, some others need a pretty silent and less intrusive. For those who fall to the other option, then this article will suit you better. While the use of anti-noise earbuds has always been a thing, a beta version of this object is available to offer you a smarter sleep than ever before. The Flare Audio sleep device is a noise cancellation earbud.

The non-electronic earbuds look like a pill and it can easily be sneaked around,  as it is designed in a fancy way. The device instead of blocking the sound, they bounce it and it is useful for work or traveling, as it is a dedicated version for sleep.

Flare Audio is an English company that deals with professional audio products and has invented a revolutionary technology to isolate you from external sounds. The Isolate earplugs were born just like that for music, with the intention of giving you the best possible night rest. The company came up with a solution to change the rules of the game and make the ear pods in metal, unlike the popular foamy ones. “What we have discovered is that the metal needs a direct connection to conduct the sound”.  The Flare Isolates are unusual metal cylinders with foam pads, extra-small, small or medium-sized so that they can be adapted to each ear. They do not absorb the sound, but they bounce it. Proof. The ‘Isolate’ part of the device name is something a little ‘wrong, considering that the device does not isolate you completely, but eliminate clearly that annoying background noise that we are all unfortunately used to. And the advantages are obvious: during musical performances, but also at work or on the road, or while playing sports. Just remove them from the convenient sachet that you find in the package, wear them and voila, the excess of noise around you ceases immediately – and they are also very beautiful, to be stoppers, with a well-kept packaging – after all, we are talking about the same company that produces these earphones.

At night? Thanks to the Flare technology and the use of an aluminum cylinder (or titanium in the Pro version), they are able to isolate you from most external noises. Of course, if someone screams like a damned they can not do anything, but if you’re a light sleeper your nights will be much quieter. And for long flights, they are a very good alternative to shoot all the Chopin present in your plane’s infotainment system. The only limit is that you have to get used to wearing them, and as soft as the foam element, at the beginning of use there are those who might feel a bit ‘of annoyance turning over the pillow. The Sleep is available in aluminum and, in the Pro version, also in titanium.

Do you think this is a great idea, for me, maybe not very good, I still will prefer the foamy ear loop but probably when I lay hands on one of the sleep devices, I can further make a restatement to what I just said. Let us know what you think about this in the comment section.

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Aladenika toluwalope joseph
Aladenika toluwalope joseph

It is a good idea and I love the fact that it bounces off noise. I hope Flare audio works on making it more comfortable when worn

Emeka Ahanonu
Emeka Ahanonu

it’s good & hope it doesn’t have any side effects on the eardrum