Flickr extends image deletion deadline to March 12th


Flickr introduced a new pricing plan last year and for free users who were over the 1, 000 image upload limit, the company asked them to either pay $50 for the membership or backup the additional images because Flickr would delete them by February 5th. However, that deadline has now been extended amid pushback from users.

This significant change to Flickr’s model wasn’t really that appreciated by users. Ardent users of the service have thousands of images uploaded and now they have to trim their collections to 1,000 images or have them automatically deleted. Yahoo sold Flickr to SmugMug last year which made a few changes to how the service used to operate. The new membership model had users paying $50 for a Pro account and preventing them from uploading more than 1,000 images if they did not.

Existing users who were over that limit were told to download their archives before February 5th as the service would start deleting their images automatically after that, starting with the oldest ones first but it appears that Flickr has decided to extend the deletion deadline until March 12th. This gives users a bit more time to get their archives in order before Flickr deletes them.

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