Foldimate is a new laundry-folding machine


The CES is almost here and it seems like there is nothing new to expect from the yet-to-hold event

It’s no longer ‘in the nearest future’ but right now, you can have a machine or machines that can assist you in doing a complete laundry; I mean a machine that can wash, rinse, dry, iron, and just recently fold your clothes. The new ‘Foldimate’ as it is been called, is the latest to join the several laundry machines with its unique ability to fold clothes.

While the company has earlier introduced the machine in the last year CES; promising to make it a reality before the next edition of CES. Yes! they actually have fulfilled their promise by unveiling the laundry-folding machine few hours to the 2019 edition of CES. The AI-enabled machine is expected to make manual folding of clothes a thing of the past. The Foldimate was suppose to be a better version of the ‘Laundroid’; a machine that uses an Artificial Intelligence to analyze each clothing item and figure out the best way to fold it using AI. Neither machine worked at the time— Foldimate’s model was a non-working prototype, and Laundroid was just an impossible machine on the other end. This year, Foldimate is the sole laundry-folding machine at CES, returning for the third time with a fully working prototype.

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A test run using the Foldimate was first sighted on The Verge, where a T-shirt was inserted in the machine and afterward ejected as a folded shirt. the machine in a simple term works just like a photocopying machine, just that it only folds cloth in its own place. Foldimate says that you can hold an entire load of laundry in about five minutes, which includes collared shirts, pants, and medium-sized towels. It won’t be able to fold smaller clothes like baby items or oversized bed linens, but still, it’s a start. If I’ve learned anything from Marie Kondo, it’s that folding my laundry is the first step to fixing my (imaginary) dysfunctional marriage.

While there has not been a final statement regarding the pricing yet, the company says they are working toward beating down the price of the laundry machine to as low as $1000 (₦364,500). For that price, I don’t think its a bad idea at all, especially for retailing or commercial use.


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