Four Apps That Keeps Nigerians Going

“To be a Nigerian,” they say “it’s not easy”, however, it could be a lot tasking without a smartphone, and even more demanding without some important apps

While you are busy wondering if you can connect with the above headline, I would like that you also take a little more time to wonder what life would be for you without a smartphone. Of course, if you don’t have one, then you probably won’t have to bother about the use of various apps that in my own definition, thinks they make life smarter than having none.

That been said, some apps are beyond ‘apps’ in the sense that they have grown to become as useful as any other tools that you use for your daily activities. In that note, I would like to list various categories of apps that keep an average Nigerian on the ‘GO’

  1. Social Media Apps

Nigerians have come to a stage where they can hardly do without logging in to there various social media accounts on various platforms with a major focus on apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Image result for Whatsapp on mobile phone

Trust me, if you are old enough to own a smartphone, and perhaps have enough funds to subscribe for Data, then you can tell how difficult it can be to stay away from some of theses apps as they basically keep you updated on what is going on around you (beyond your immediate environment).

2. Banking Apps

Thank Goodness for the inception of financial-focussed apps such as the banking apps, and the fintech apps; they have over the time made transactions even much easier than what it used to be back in the days. Now, for many Nigerians, especially the business-oriented ones, the need for such app is almost inevitable, as it helps for a seamless transaction.

Image result for Access bank app on phone


3. Transportation Apps

Apart from the two earlier-mentioned categories, another category of Apps that keeps Nigerians on the ‘Go’ also includes Ride-hailing apps such as the likes of GoKada, Uber, and Taxify.

Image result for uber app on phoneIn locations where these apps are in uses, People often find it more easy to navigate the town via the app, than having to go about standing at the various bus stop before commencing there journies. Now, with the help of the several ride-hailing apps, riders or drivers registered on any of the apps can easily go to a client’s preferred location for a pickup.

Apart from the three categories, other important apps that are being used by Nigerians on a daily basis also includes, Mobile Services Self-Care Apps, Gaming Apps, Betting Apps, among several others.

That been said, you would have realized by now that surviving as a Nigerian sometimes require a great effort from every individual, however, it could be a different ball game if you are able to integrate yourself into a ‘smarter way of leaving’ which also include the use of the various apps listed above.


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