Fox news to boycott the Twitter experience


Twitter is certainly one of the most interesting social media networks used across the world if for anything the deep metaphors that fly around the platform is one to keep you alive for  a long time.

Well, Fox News doesn’t feel the same about the social media platform.

Fox News is no longer tweeting from the cable network’s main account, but that doesn’t mean that President Trump’s favorite channel has abandoned Twitter altogether. In fact, Fox News still relies on Twitter to harvest free content that airs on its network all day long.

The company tweeted from the page officially  three months ago precisely November 8, 2018 and this is own to the platform’s protest against the “harassment” of one of its stars, Tucker Carlson.

This silent Twitter protest is ongoing, but the network is still gathering sources of free videos from the platform, all thanks to another account operated by Fox News.


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