France Government now frowns at the use of Smartphones in school


It is now a National Law Students in France are not allowed to use Smartphones in schools.

France Government mobile

While they are allowed to own and bring them to school, they are expected to turned them off when in school.

This sprouted as a National issues when the Lawmakers concluded on Monday that students below the age of 15 must leave their cellphones at home, or at least have them turned off during the school day.

Which is a medium by which the government aims to fight back at the sudden clash of interest that most French students now have towards their students falling more on social media during study time.

The measure by the Lawmakers also prohibits the use of tablets, computers, and other internet-connected devices as well in school by these students.

However, there are exceptions to the rules in the case of  students with disabilities and for the educational use of devices in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.

Macron the French President has also up-held this opinion in a tweet, which confirmed his commitment to the development of the educational standard of French children.

Hopefully, Nigerian Lawmakers could also realise the importance of such laws in our society rather fighting and milking the nation dry.

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