Fujifilm Is Planning To Re-enter The Monochrome Film Market

Black-and-White photography era is long left behind, and while the industry has become rather digitalized, Fujifilm is considering a comeback for the millennia monochrome film

Fujifilm is one of the very few brands that has managed to stand the test of time, and if there is anything dey have ever done perfectly, it is ‘surviving’. I’m sure a majority of photography enthusiasts can attest to the same fact as well. Yes! the Iconic brand may have abandoned the monochrome film for years now in an attempt to go strictly digital, however, it may have a second thought on that, as it is planning on re-entering the old business, although in a tushed manner (I suppose).

According to a reliable source, the firm is bringing back the “Acros” line with its new Neopan 100 Acros II film, which according to the source will be available in two variant, the 35mm and 120mm format at ISO 100. “As the demand for film rapidly decreased over the past decade and raw material became difficult to obtain which caused the company to discontinue marketing black and white film” Gadgetnow quoted.

Acros is an iconic brand that Fujifilm also uses for a monochrome film simulationĀ in its well-regarded X-series digital cameras. Neopan 100 Acros II will be available in both 35mm and 120 formats, and Fujifilm says its Super Fine-Ī£ technology gives it finer grain and sharpness than the original Neopan 100 Acros. Fujifilm will start selling it in Japan this fall and bring it to other markets based on demand.

For now, the pricing is yet to be decided, but it will be shared in a later update of this piece.


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