Full List Of Products Launched At The Galaxy Unpacked Event


Samsung did not only launch the Galaxy Note 10, and Note 10 Plus at the unpacked event in Brooklyn yesterday, the company also launched several other products that will be listed in the body of this article

Just like I said in the previous post, an unpacked event is an event where Samsung often dish out its latest products, and while that of yesterday basically focus on the next-generation Galaxy Note, it did amongst other devices as seen in the list below.

Optional 5G Note 10+

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Firstly, apart from the actual Note 10, and 10+, Samsung also introduced an optional 5G edition of Note 10, although not totally different in form. Apart from the 5G connectivity, there is no major difference between the 5G version and the actual Note 10+. Also, you may expect an AMOLED screen spans 6.8 inches, its Snapdragon processor draws on 12GB of RAM, its battery, a chunky 4,300 mAh. Fortunately, the 5G Version cost the same as the Note 10+ as it starts at $1,300, and according to the company will initially sell as Verizon exclusive.

Samsung Galaxy Book S

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Another gadget that was launched during the event yesterday is the Galaxy Book S, a Windows 10 Laptop that, according to the company, can last for almost a whole day or let’s say for about 23 hours as informed during the event yesterday. 23 hours! yes, that’s how long the company told that the clamshell system can last, of course on a single charge.

As rumored, the Galaxy Book S ships with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx chip (7nm 64-bit Octa-core processor) and runs Windows 10. Interestingly, it features a traditional clamshell design, which is different from the 2-in-1 stylings of the Galaxy Book, and Galaxy Book 2.

The laptop features a pair of USB-C ports, a headphone jack (squee!) and a 13-inch touchscreen for literally less than what their phone costs. Furthermore, the Book S comes in two colors and features a 13-inch touchscreen.

According to the company, the Book-S looks like a laptop but has the “essence of a smartphone,” thanks to a powerful mobile chipset that comes with LTE connectivity. It also includes a 720pHD front-facing camera, 8GB of RAM, a microSD card slot, a fingerprint sensor, a light sensor, and AKG stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos tech.

The Galaxy Note Stylus Pen (S-Pen)

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Although comes as an add-on to the actual Note 10 devices, it is worth describing as a stand-alone gadget on its own. This is because, the S-Pen more than ever, is more fascinating and useful at the same time. While it is been referred to as ‘Power Wand’, it controls virtually a major percentage of the devices’ operation. With the latest update, you can even do more than you can with the one previously launched with Note 9.

The S Pen for Note 10 will allow you to activate shortcuts and perform specific actions by drawing shapes above the screen. As you can with the Galaxy Tab S6, you’ll be able to swish-and-flick to switch between front- and rear-facing cameras and toggle through camera modes.

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