Get To Know The Hot Legend

    Infinix HOT Series

    They came in a time when the skies were dark and the future uncertain. They were not afraid to turn the tides and steer towards an entirely new course. No, not at all. Instead, they rose up to the challenge with great aplomb and broke the deadlock ushering in a new era of innovation.

    Slowly but surely they advanced with the intention to drive a new culture and inspire creativity at its peak. The world could not resist their brilliance and the purity of their intentions, neither could they withstand their radiant beauty, for as much as one could tell, they were truly fascinating. As we summoned the courage and allowed ourselves to behold this masterpiece, we all soon realized that it was the key to unlocking the future.

    “What is this”, we all kept asking. It soon became known to be the Infinix HOT series.

    We saw the first of its kind; rendered in a bold and stylish frame. Just as the name implied it was sincerely HOT.

    Truly inspired by all of our unique stories, they decided to be the big screen on which our stories would be told; bridging the gap between our audience and us. Therefore allowing us to reveal our true potential. Just like the slingshot, they have stretched so hard against all odds to propel our crafty ideas into the digital space and before the world, and with new and advanced innovations; they keep enabling us to have a grasp of the future even Now.

    From their humble beginnings in 2014 when they first released their first generation hot series smartphone, they have consistently delivered bold, stylish and powerful smartphones empowering youths to live the smart life.

    Having heard the compelling stories of the resilient Nigerian youths, who despite all odds have remained true to their passion – reaching for the stars and hoping for the best – they dimmed fit to tell this story on an even brighter screen. Hence, the debut of their second flagship – the Infinix HOT 2 with a 5 inched screen packing more pixels with a 720 x 1280 resolution.

    With the interest of their young and tech-savvy audience at heart and in a bid to make the amazing user experience last longer, they released more smartphones with enhanced battery capacities and other amazing features to keep users in tune with smartphone trends. We soon got accustomed to having and seeing this mobile tech, leading us to think that we had seen it all. Unknown to us more was yet to come.

    Earlier this year, yet another masterpiece from the HOT collection was released.  A 7th generation smartphone from the HOT series – HOT 7 alongside its pro version – HOT 7 PRO. The device, which was released to the absolute joy of tech consumers, quickly gathered many positive reviews from smartphone consumers due to its unique specifications.

    The Infinix Hot 7 came with a massive 6.2” inches IPS LCD display with screen resolution as high as 720 x 1520 with an aspect ratio 19.5:9powered by a 4000mah battery. The device ran on the Chipset Mediatek MT6580P courtesy the google sponsored Android 9 pie operating system. This smartphone also adopted the latest triple AI rear camera setup that guarantees the best picture quality from smartphone photography.

    With speculative rumours spreading across media platforms on the proposed release of another smartphone from the HOT collection, Imaginations are left to run wild as one can only expect the unseen.

    Are the rumours true? What should we expect? There are no sure answers to these questions yet. But one thing we know for sure is that it’s going to be HOT.

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