GIG Logistics Set to Partner ORide on Deliveries

Weeks ago, the Lagos state government plunged Lagosians into a state of confusion and unbelief when it announced its ban on commercial motorcycles and tricycles

From that time till now, Lagosians have faced more trekking than they have ever had to bear, motorists have driven through long and thick traffic jams, and bus fares have hit the roof.

It would, however, seem that the people this ban has hit the hardest are the bike-hailing startups – Gokada, OPay, and MaxNG. As a result of the ban, they have had their operations abruptly terminated with their bikers and bikes lying fallow and gathering dust.

So, it isn’t surprising that these startups are in search of a way out for their businesses, while they, and the rest of the city hope for the ban reversal.

It would seem that of the three, Gokada is the first to profer solution to their problems, with its CEO, Fahim Saleh revealing the startup’s plans to go into logistics as the ban exempts logistics services and dispatch riders. The startup has in fact started operations delivering parcels and letters and Lagos, with plans to further delve into food delivery, GChop.

Recent reports making the rounds point to the fact that OPay also has the plan to go the logistics route. According to a report by TechPoint, GIG Logistics is currently in partnership talks with OPay to integrate Opay’s fleet of bikes into the Nigerian logistics giant delivery service.

Considering how MaxNG started out as a delivery company back in 2015, it is just normal for us to think that they too will follow suit and go back to their early days’ delivery offering.

This all reminds of the saying; when a door closes, you walk down the corridor in search of another open door.

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