Glitch Retrenches Large Numbers of its Employees to Cut Costs

The software company, Glitch, has retrenched large numbers of its employees as they could not be paid

This was disclosed by Glitch CEO, Anil Danish, who said the company retrenched a lot of people during the week.

“We had layoffs at Glitch this week. The context is what you’d expect: we are a small company in a fiercely competitive space in a tough economy. But these good people have done immensely valuable work that our entire team and community are grateful for.” Anil Danish tweeted.

According to two former employees who wish to remain anonymous, the company had about 50 employees before they were retrenched. The company is offering severance, health insurance, and support in finding new employment to employees who were retrenched.

The company has ever not commented on the number of people that were retrenched during the week. The coding platform was launched in 2017 under what was known as Fog Creek Software. Anyone is supposed to be able to jump in, remix someone else’s code, and launch a bite-sized app that will run on Glitch’s servers.

The service has been completely free for three years, not until last month the company launched a subscription service of $10 per month due to the ongoing pandemic. The service had a slow start as the launch was described as underwhelming.

Glitch was able to raise $30 million in funding in 2018. According to the company, the funding will allow the company to build the kind of platform and community that fits its ambitious vision.

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