Gmail App to get web interface update soon


Gmail has constantly being working on the development of the User Interface of its Gmail App.

The App had in April 2018 gotten a new update, but this time the new update will bring mobile users closest to what web browsing will feel like.

The new design will begin rolling out to Android phones and tablets today, then iPhones and iPads in the coming weeks.

This means some of the newest features from the desktop version are coming to phones and tablets. That includes shortcuts to attachments, which you can open without opening the email itself.

Users can also easily switch between personal and work accounts following the new update.

  1. Also, with the app update, you’ll also get a big, red alert if an email looks suspicious, like on the web version.

The new version has a cleaner look than the old one, with a mostly white background replacing the old red trim. The new inbox also has links to the social and promotions tabs at the top, like it does on the web version.

This update is Google’s way of giving its over 1 billion user base a uniformed User experience on both computers and mobile devices.

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