Gmail’s Inbox Filter Now Doubles as Clickable Search Tips


Gmail has rolled out a new feature that would make it easier for users to search for specific messages in their mails

This new feature called search chips is designed in such a way that the user can get the particular email needed without having to frustratingly scroll down through the myriads of emails already in the inbox.

For instance, if there are about a hundred emails from a particular person and there is a specific one the user needs to access urgently, the user would use a search chip to narrow down his choices based on whether the mail has an attachment.

If the mail does, the user can further narrow down choices searching for the kind of attachment contained in that mail i.e A PDF, spreadsheet, text file, etc type of document attached. Also, users can search for emails received within a specific time.

Before search chips were introduced to Gmail, users could already search for specific emails by typing in the name of the recipient and stating if the mail has an attachment. The new feature, however, provides an easier way to achieve this same purpose.

As of now, this new feature is only available to G Suite users but the tech giant has mentioned that it will roll out to consumer Gmail accounts very soon.


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