Gokada is About to Take Lagosians on a Yacht Cruise

    Despite the unfavorable ban on motorcycles and tricycles on Lagos major ways, which unavoidably affected ride-hailing services including Gokada, the on-demand transportation company is not willing to give up on the Lagos market

    In the latest development, the company is set to launch its new transportation module in the busy City of Lagos State. This time around, Gokada is about to take Lagosians on a luxury cruise with the inception of its new yacht service; definitely a step further than the speedboat which was initially launched during the mid of last year.

    Yes! not many were aware of the Gboat’s launch last year, and it is mainly because the service only launched as a test phase and not a full-fledged project as at then. Now, beyond just speedboats, Gokada wants to go even bigger on its waterways operation by rolling out yachts.

    Ever since the test phase for GBoat was launched in the middle of last year, nothing much has been heard about the company’s plans to go big on the particular business module, however, until now, the company has rather been silent about the plan. Accordinnnnng to a reliable source, the ineffectiveness was due to little infrastructure in place, hence, hindering their ability of scalability.

    Back in February, the startup’s CEO, Fahim Saleh told a reliable source that the Gboat initiative is ready to scale further beyond the test phase as soon as their fleet was ready.

    “We have two (2) boats now that came from China and we will be testing the service soon, and will increase the fleet as soon as operations kick off fully.”

    Fahim Saleh, CEO, Gokada.

    According the company’s tweet on Twitter, Lagosians can expect more fleets of upgraded boats, and possibly yachts in the near future. The source who spoke with Fahim also informed that unlike the initial ‘Island only’ routes, the new phase will further estend the Gboat’s fleet to the mainland as well in other to cater for residents from both ends.

    As for the full-fledge launch, it is currently hard to put a time frame to such, considering the lockdown directives from the Federal and State Government due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. On that note, we can only but wait until when movement is reinstated and activities are back to normal. Hopefully, by the time the Startup commences its operations, it does be as perfect as its bike-hailing service before the ban.

    Meanwhile, the company’s bike-hailing service has seamlessly transcended into a delivery service via a partnership with Africa’s leading e-commerce platform, Jumia.

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