Gokada Is Working On A New App For Its Deliveries



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gokada Fahim Saleh says Gokada  is already building a new app for deliveries

Since the ban on bikes, ride-hailing services have been looking for alternatives in their business. One of such is Gokada.

According to Gokada CEO, Fahim Saleh, when asked about the steps to be taken, he said they are talking to the government through their intermediaries, adding that they are already working on a new app for deliveries.

“We aren’t in direct communication with the government. But we are speaking through intermediaries. We are creating a new app quickly for deliveries.” Saleh said.

This is a smart move by the company as they will be able to utilize their resources very well. The Lagos State Road Traffic Law 2012, only outlawed the use of motorcycles below 200CC from operating on hundreds of roads in Lagos within the state metropolis.

However, the law exempts logistics services and dispatch riders from the restriction (as long as their bikes are above 200CC).

Gokada is not the only bike-hailing startup diving into this area, Max.ng already has its dispatch line of operations. This will see Gokada joining Max.ng and other players in that line. The company also wants to try to revive its water transportation company, GBoat.

The company did not state when the app will be available. We hope they will be able to pull this off.

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