Gokada Is BACK, Activates ‘Gokada 2.0’


Gokada 2.0 is Finally back on the street of Lagos two weeks after it initially shut down operations

The ride-hailing startup has finally launched its proposed module 2 it tagged ‘Gokada 2.0’. Towards the end of the Two weeks, shutdown ultimatum, the ride-hailing had sent out electronic mails to various ‘Gokadans’- (the term used to address its various customers in the email). The mail was expected to serve as a stimulant for anxiety and of course, Lagosians were anxiously waiting to see the next big move in the Motorbike-hailing space.

Now, Gokada is back on the street of Lagos, and as expected with a different look, which indicated that the startup has actually done a lot of overhauling during the course of the temporary shut down. In the mail sent to its many customers on Friday, 23rd of August, the company teased to launch a new set of bikes alongside other strategies that the company seems to already have in place.

Just as stated in the mail, the new set of bikers are well equipped with new and quality Gokada-branded products such as new bikes, Helmet, and safety jackets. At that, the company told that its old bikes will no longer be operating on the road again.

It seems like the company is now fully ready for the competitive market. Also, while competition is inevitable for the startup, it has done a lot in carrying its customers along with each of its single steps as it moves forward in the ride-hailing business.

With its new module, the ride-hailing can stand a better chance of competing with the likes of Max.ng, and Opay which currently are its the biggest concern. Not just that, the startup can also gain the trust of more people who will now have a different perspective about the company, especially as it puts customers value at the fore of its operation.

Now the competition has begun, and we can’t wait to see who has the best strategy in the long run.

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