GoKada Will Soon Pickup Riders With Boats


GoKada is currently planning a massive restructuring for its ride-haling bussiness that will soon include boats

known for bike-sharing, GoKada has made a significant impact in the Nigeria, specifically Lagos State ride-hailing business. Although arrived a while after Max.ng, it became even more prominent for its numerous dispatch rider, and a well-structured app to go by.

The company recently ganered a whoping sum of $5.3 million (1.9 Billion NGN) worth of investment, and while it became the talk of town, with speculations and question on what the huge amount will be used for. The answer may not be far-fetched after all, of course the company is not buying hundreds of bike as you would think of, perhaps a revamping of there app may be one of there new targets.

Well, far from that, the ride-hailing company seems to have an entirely different plan for the new fund. Taking to its social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram, GoKada tipped it plans to extend its ride-hailing buiness to include boats. Below is a screenshot of what it posted on instagram;

While the new idea is a bit strange, it is one that is considered to be intellegent, aside the fact that it is the first of its kind in this region and Africa as a whole.

GoKada has obviously shown its persistency will to remain in the ride-hailing business and with more funds coming its way, it will surely go a long way to becoming a major competitor in the space to join the likes of Uber and Bolt.

Kudos to GoKada.


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