GONA Lagos Based Transport System Raise Multi-Dollar Fund For Market Expansion

Transportation is one of the biggest commerce ventures in the city of Lagos State, due to the ever-increasing population. This explains why ride-hailing services like Uber, Bolt, Gokada, Max.ng and the most recent Opay have since taken huge shares of the sector effortlessly.

At the moment, Lagos based transport service company, GONA has just announced the completion of a multi-million dollar Pre-A round of financing which rolls in an undisclosed total figure.

Founder  Liu Xiaojun, who is also the CEO of the brand stated that the round of funds will be used to build a team and drive product technological upgrades.

GONA is redefining the nature of transport payment, which is in line with the National cashless policy.

Opay also has made viable efforts in the creation of a cashless ecosystem, with the inclusion of an in-app payment system, with the brand’s creation of a wallet as well as subsidized transportation fares in the past two months that it has played in the Lagos market.

Although GONA has its headquarter in China, Lagos has remained its primary focus. In the State, GONA has fully completed localization, with roll-out in certain routes within Lagos, one of which is Yaba to the University of Lagos (UNILAG) campus, which are one of the most plied routes in the state due to a teeming number students in the highly commercial space.

The bigger picture using the fund will be to create the capacity of locals on the GONA payroll, thereby bridge the transportation problem of Lagosians whilst bridging the communication and acceptance level of the Chinese brand.

At the moment, GONA boast of over 10,000  transportation transactions in Lagos, which is conjured by its growing active user base.

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