Google Adds Confusing Icons To Its Search Results


Google has added annoying icons to its search results for some strange reasons, thereby creating confusion in the clean interface

The company in a tweet revealed the change in the desktop will be out this week. According to them, the change is needed to help searchers know and understand where a piece of information is coming from, more easily scan results & decide what to explore.

Although the logos have been visible in search results on the Google browser since last year, Google’s statement does not address how successful the icon associated with the website might have been for mobile users.

As at the time, Google launched its sparse, almost blank search page and minimalist results were an extremely welcome change, compared to the trash on other search home pages at the time.

The company usually makes changes to its search that alway improve user’s experience. Google in the past few months changed its search algorithm so it does not see a search query as a bag of words. It also improved its results to prioritize reputable news sources, and even added augmented reality results to searchers.

In case you are fascinated by the Google’s new logos in your search results, Google has provided instructions on changing or adding a favicon in search results for those who do not know how to do so. Lifehacker, a weblog about life hacks and software also provided instructions on how to apply filters to undo the favicon trash and revert back to how the search results used to look. The decision is yours!

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