Google admits ability to change android settings remotely


[bibblio style=”bib–white-label bib–font-arial bib–size-18 bib–portrait bib–hover bib–box-6 bib–default” query_string_params=”eyJnb29nbGUgYW5hbHl0aWNzIjoiIn0=” recommendation_type=”optimised”]Google has official offered an apology to android users after a long list of users found out that their  battery saver setting  was remotely activated last week without their consent.

The battery saver affects how often apps update and work in the background. Google took to  Reddit to explain that it was conducting an internal test that was “mistakenly” rolled out more widely  across android devices.

It appeared that most of the devices that complained of this unforced activation currently run on Google’s latest operating system  the Android Pie.

One of the most common challenges experienced by these users includes a  delay in notifications and users inability to use  location services which are intended at prolonging  power span of the affected devices.

This was an internal experiment to test battery saving features that was mistakenly rolled out to more users than intended,We have now rolled battery saver settings back to default. Please configure to your liking. Sorry for the confusion.

While many of the affected posters on Reddit described having a Google Pixel device, other brands of Android devices were also mentioned, including the Essential Phone, which was designed by one of the creators of Android.

Technology commentator Kate Bevan, editor of Which? Computing magazine, said her phone was affected.

I noticed the other day that suddenly my battery saver was on and I was a bit puzzled by it, I don’t want any app or operating system reversing decisions I’ve made – unless I know why they are doing it. It’s about transparency and consent – it may well be a good idea that a change is being made but I still want to know why. She stated.

However, this poses a great deal of security threat to the safety of Android users and leaves us with the question of integrity. Google, has for a long time determined the fate of android devices and I think it is time that the brand allows diversification in the mobile market.

Mobile manufacturers should also be allowed to create not just the hardware component of their devices, but also develop their own software and autonomous Operating System, which will help break the cycle of internet monopoly by the three internet guns.


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