Google Assistant can now respond in John Legend’s voice


Finally, the highly anticipated John Legend’s voice is now an option for your Google Assistant

Selecting between different voices for Google Assistant is no longer a big deal, but having your favorite celebrity can make a whole lot of difference. How would you feel when you hear John Legend says ‘Hello’ when you say ‘Hey Google’, sounds like a fun something I guess. Well, it is even a lot better when you aren’t too picky about the questions he’ll answer. However, the J.L. AI is built to naturally answer questions about its own life, especially if you don’t as for too much.

While the new update is already available in the United States of America, it may take a little while to spread across the globe, but it will surely reach everyone any moment soon. Legend will only be available for a “limited time,” and you’ll have to be ready to hear the regular Google Assistant voice for those many queries where the crooner isn’t available. It still beats hearing the same old dialogue for everything, though, and hints at a future where there’s considerably more variety in voice assistants.

Seeing the latest development, it is very easy to believe that there is the possibility that more celebrities voices will be coming to the Assistant in the nearest future, and you can hope that your favorite Artist, Actor, or Actress will be among as well. Good luck to your wishes by the way.

Meanwhile, you can watch the illustrative video below.


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