Google Assistant For Pixel 4 May Handle Your Calls While On Hold

-The Google Assistant for Pixel 4 is reportedly built upon an advanced artificial intelligence

-The Assistant unlike before will now be able to manage your conversation assuming you put your call(s) on hold

-Recipients on the other end of the call will barely be able to pay attention until a human answer.

Google Assistant’s ability to handle situations beyond setting alarms, or scheduling appointments is the beauty behind the artificial intelligence that is apparently revolutionalizing to be more independent by the day. As for the upcoming Pixel 4; users might enjoy additional privileges that follow the more versatile Google Assistant.

According to a reliable source, one of the privileges to be enjoyed using the built-in GA of the upcoming Pixel 4 is the ability to take over when you’re on hold, bringing you back when another human answer. If that phrase doesn’t strike meaning to you, let me do a rephrase; Assuming you are about to talk to a customer care rep, and you probably have to wait for the next available rep, then the Google Assistant can automatically switch you back to your previous activity, let’s say Music, after which you will be reconnected the moment an actual human picks up from the recipient end.

According to Engadget, you’d only have to tap a button to ignore the hold music and get things done. Also, it isn’t very clear whether this will also skip the canned “your call is very important to us” messages, but that’s certainly the dream, you wouldn’t be jolted back into the call until an actual service rep was there to help.

While this seems quite like great progress for the Google Assistant feature, the Company told that Pixel 4 owners might not be able to get the feature immediately after the release of the device sometimes towards the end of the year, considering that the feature is still very much in a larval stage, and might only appear as an announcement teaser by the time the actual device launch.

By now, you do be wondering whether the feature will also be extended to other Android devices; well I do guess yes as an answer, however, Google hasn’t stated anything that suggests so, but there is a possibility that it would if perhaps the feature performs well on the Pixel device after launch, that’s aside the fact that the Pixel 4 limitation is often a thing by Google just to give the fans the privilege of an early access ahead of a broader launch.

While you shouldn’t key so much into this information considering its aunthenticithy,  it offers a peek into Google’s phone strategy this year: it’s backing its usual emphasis on AI wizardry with uncommon hardware features like hands-off gestures and ultra-responsive screens.


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