Google Assistant Will Now Read Text-Replies on WhatsApp And Telegram

Google has been doing a lot of overhauling to its AI Assistant and unlike the time of arrival, the software programm has revolutionized to become a smarter tool for many people who find it needful

In the latest attempt to make the AI tool more effective, Google, although having added the ability that allows the Assistance to help read SMS messages aloud- now, is now adding the option that will allow the AI to do the same for third-party apps.

The information which is unexpected was first informed by Android Police and 91mobiles who have noticed that the tech giant is already rolling out the option to read messages from non-Google apps like WhatsApp, Slack and Telegram.

With the latest development in place, Users of Google Assistance will now be privileged to dictate or type out replies. While that is a thing, there appears to be limited support for languages beyond English, so if perhaps your language is not yet supported, then you may have to wait for a later update.

In addition, the feature might not be widely available as at the time of writing this article, so don’t be caught up in surprise if after you attempt to use the new feature and it fails to answer.

This could be a huge upgrade for some people whenever it does arrive, though. The read-aloud feature will be a handy tool when you are probably doing house chores or driving, otherwise, you may just have to stick to your normal routine of having to do the typing manually, which is sometimes preferable, especially if you don’t want to deal with the issue of repeating your response assuming the AI could not pick your words easily.

Also, You might not have to touch the phone just to find out if a Telegram message needed an immediate response as you will be notified by the Assistant.

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