Google bans malicious photo and beauty camera apps from its Play Store


Whenever you download a camera or photo editing app, usually it asks for permission to access your photos and camera. This makes sense and for the most part, most of us wouldn’t think twice about it. Unfortunately, it appears that there have been some camera apps that have been abusing these permissions and are stealing photos of users.

This is according to a new report that discovered that there are about 29 malicious apps on the Google Play Store that paraded themselves as beauty camera apps, only to attack users and steal their photos. These apps have been downloaded millions of times and it was only until recently that they were finally removed by Google.

How these apps have been stealing photos is that when users upload an app in order to apply the filter, the app would then upload the image to a private server which would then return an error message to the user to tell them to update the app, but by then it would be too late as the photo would have been sent to someone else already.

Some apps even forwarded users to other websites so as to carry out their malicious deeds of stealing users’ information, and would also load full-screen advertisements, some of which had pornographic content. To make it worse, these apps were also being given 5 star fake reviews in order to make it seem more legit.

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