Google Brings Back “What’s On My Screen?” Button To Its Assistant


Google brings super-handy “what’s on my screen?” button back to the Assistant

This was disclosed by Android Police. It was also noticed by Redditor u/Meningna that the device arrived yesterday. While it doesn’t appear to be back for everyone just yet, a few other Redditors have seen it too.

Google features “What’s on my screen?” is one of the most useful features that have been introduced to Google Assistant. By clicking on this function, you can quickly do things like tracking numbers dialing numbers and sending messages without having to copy and paste anything.

The feature was useful because oftentimes this information is embedded in an image, meaning you cannot highlight it to copy and paste as with a typical text. To check it out, all you need to do is simply to activate the Google Assistant on your Android device. This does not show up on all screen, most especially the Android launcher.

According to the news report, Google has been reached out to about the details of the feature and we will definitely update you on any information regarding it.

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